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Computer Telephony Applications
Computer Telephony Integration, also called IP Telephony allows your phone and computer to become integrated increasing your capabilities. With CTI, you have the ability to make, receive and transfer calls from either your phone or computer. In addition, you can handle events related to automated call distribution as well as functions such as call routing, reporting functions, automation of desktop activities, and multichannel blending of phone, e-mail, and web requests. Overall, CTI gives you more control over how effective your phone systems are. These CTI applications are included in some of our phone systems.

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Benefits & Features

• Easy installation, usage, back-up.

• Corresponding to SVMi (Samsung voicemail module)

voicemail scenario.

• Real time monitoring about call status.

• Phone or Web-based administrator’s control.

• Unified/Voice/Fax/E-mail scenario.

• Over 23 languages supported by TTS (Text-To-Speech).

• Outlook contact integration and Exchange server.


CTI Applications

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OfficeServ Call


Displaying caller number and information on both PC screen and user’s phone.

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OfficeServ News


Real-time service displaying various information onphone’s screen.

  More Information

OfficeServ Messenger


SIP-based Multimedia communication solution.

  More Information

OfficeServ ACD


Small and Medium Internet Call Center solution.

  More Information

OfficeServ DataView


Optimum managing software for OfficeServ system.

  More Information

OfficeServ SoftPhone


Software-based IP phone of PC/PDA type.

  More Information

OfficeServ open TSP


Supporting efficient inter-working between SamsungOfficeServ and CTI solution.

  More Information

OfficeServ Operator


Telecommunication software interoperating OfficeServ system.

  More Information

OfficeServ Easy Set


Setting features of user’s phone through PC.

  More Information

OfficeServ UMS


Integrated solution of IP-based e-mail service andvoicemail.

  More Information
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